How Do You Get Paid as a Real Estate Bird Dog?

So how does this new Real Estate Bird Dog model work?

How do you get paid? Pretty simple, we are going to teach and train you how to locate investors instead of properties. You will see that it is much simpler and more lucrative to find buyers for these blazing hot deals than it is to look at hundreds of homes trying to find an investor. We turned the whole process around and it’s exploding.

The massive income potential of this buyers market over the next 2 to 5 years will provide tremendous income opportunities for those savvy enough to position themselves in front of this wave. We have a proven system in place to leverage real estate on a national scale. Earn $250.00 every time an investor that you referred to us buys a property. There is no limit to how many Big Fat checks that you can earn as an investor locator.

And here is the best part…

There is no explaining or selling on your part. You simply have to locate people that are interested in enjoying the benefits of accessing thousands of hot properties every month. Once you find them , you send their name and number to us. Then you are done.

We will contact the investor and explain our program. If they decide to participate and buy properties, you get paid $250.00 every time that they buy a house from us. Do the work one time, and get paid over and over again. It is that simple. You are getting paid for making the introduction. We do everything else. Have you ever seen such a simple program that can line your pockets with cash?

Here is what you need to do next…

Step 1 – Submit a request for an interview for our Real Estate Bird Dog program. If selected you will begin your training and join our team. There is no charge for set up or training.

Step 2 – You will be ready to find Real Estate investors and refer them to us. When they decide to buy properties with us, you get paid a referral commission of $250.00

It is a simple as that..

Click Here to register for your phone interview as a Real Estate Investor Locator (Bird Dog)

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